Selection for the World Class Programme

World Class Podium Programme

Selection for the World Class Podium Programme is based on past and present results combined with the rider's perceived potential to contribute to team success at major championships.

The squad is selected following discussions between the Discipline Selectors, World Class Performance Managers and the Equestrian Performance Director. Riders are reviewed on a six monthly basis, when targets, support provided and funding available are agreed.

World Class podium potential Programme

The World Class Podium Potential Programme is designed to optimise long term GBR podium success on the world stage through the identification and development of potential world class athletes and potential world class athlete/equine combinations. It underpins the World Class Podium Programme which supports elite preparation and performance at senior international levels.

Selection to the Podium Potential squad is on a two yearly basis but this does not mean that a rider cannot be taken onto the Programme during the two year cycle or removed, if their targets are not being achieved.

Have you got what it takes? 

Registrations for the 2016-2018 Podium Potential has now CLOSED. 

Further information about the Programme is available by contacting Debbie Lee - / 02476 698876