Podium, which is based on a 'no compromise’ approach, has the sole aim of winning medals at the Olympics and Paralympics, and on the World stage. It exists to provide our elite riders with the best possible preparation to represent the British equestrian team at World, European and Olympic and Paralympic level in the three Olympic and one Paralympic equestrian disciplines, Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping and Para-Equestrian Dressage.

The Programme aims to make the best, better, through the provision of a range of services and support. The Programme seeks to ensure that the athletes have access to all support services that might assist with their performance development. Podium offers the following elements:

  • Performance Director/Managers advice and support
  • Programme administration
  • Coaches and coach development
  • Technical support (performance analysis)
  • Sports science and medicine consultants, including physiotherapy & sports   psychology
  • Squad training
  • Rider allowance for training and competition
  • Key competition support (vets/coaches in attendance at key competitions)
  • Research & development
  • Veterinary support
  • Farriery support
  • Medical support for riders
  • Performance enhancing equipment
  • Team clothing
  • Championship costs & logistics management

The Championship teams are fully funded by the World Class Programme.

A World Class Performance Manager manages the Programme for each discipline. It is based around the principle of providing a professional management team, veterinary support and education, coaching and competition management. Squad sessions are used to develop a team atmosphere and deliver coaching support; however, coaching and veterinary monitoring is also delivered at competitions and at the rider's home yard in partnership with the 'home team'.

World Class Podium athletes are eligible to receive a means tested allowance (Athlete Performance Allowance Award) direct from UK Sport. In addition, there is a process by which they can claim, through the World Class Programme, support for coaching, travel, entry fees and veterinary fees.

If it is felt that a certain aspect will provide a performance advantage at a competition the Programme will ensure that it is in place. This includes a central logistical and management back-up that has the financial freedom to visit Championship venues before the competitions start and to ensure that a robust logistical plan is put in place for the British teams. The Championship teams are fully funded by the World Class Programme.

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