Podium Potential

Podium Potential was established in 2002 (then known as the World Class Development Programme), and underpins Podium. The philosophy behind Podium Potential is that progressive training and development achieves excellence and correct basic training is the foundation to success.

Podium Potential provides an established training pathway and is structured in such a way to facilitate rider development and progression, with the potential to process up to Podium. The support provided to the Podium Potential squad includes the following elements:

  • Competition experience including international exposure
  • Coaching, advice and competitive support
  • Equine sports science; soft tissue therapy, veterinary advice and education, equine nutrition, farriery advice and education
  • Human sports science; fitness, nutrition, sports psychology, medical backup
  • A comprehensive support network
  • Performance analysis to enhance technique and improve performance
  • Developing teamwork and team spirit through innovative squad sessions
  • Lifestyle, business and communication advice
  • Promoting the concept, where appropriate, of riders basing themselves with established and successful senior riders

The riders are reviewed on a six monthly basis, with targets and objectives being set and funding to assist with achieving these aims agreed. Selection is on a two yearly basis but this does not mean that a rider cannot be taken onto the Programme during the two year cycle or removed, if their targets are not being achieved.

Podium Potential has developed a successful blueprint for training riders to move up to Podium. However, to increase GBR's medal chances further, a more detailed Rider Performance Pathway has now been developed that profiles the characteristics of a potential equestrian Olympic/Paralympic medallist. This has enabled the Programme to develop a structured syllabus that supports a career path from an early age to the medal rostrum.

Podium Potential provides significant funding to support the British Eventing, British Dressage and British Showjumping Pony, Junior and Young Rider Championship teams in addition to the funding provided to support the riders on the Programme.

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