Are you Inspired?

Have you been inspired by our athletes? Are you wanting to try the sport for the first time or get back in the saddle? 

The British Equestrian Federation's participation brand Hoof can help; housing information about many of the different equestrian sports on offer, the different products you could get involved with and how you can find your local riding centre.

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Looking for something specific?

Hoof has a number of specific products available, which have been developed alongside BEF Member Bodies:

Take Back the Reins

Aimed at adult riders who may have ridden in the past, Take Back the Reins is a seven week series of riding lessons that provides specifically designed coaching and a customer centred approach to support a rider’s first steps back into the saddle. The programme has been rolled out to BHS and ABRS approved riding schools across England.

Accessibility Mark

Accessibility Mark has been developed and launched by Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) in partnership with. The aim of the programme is to provide training, assistance and accreditation to riding centres, schools and clubs to enable more disabled people to participate in horse riding activities.

Centres successfully completing the training and assessment are given a recognised accreditation from RDA – Accessibility Mark – to demonstrate their ability to safely and competently accommodate those with a range of physical and/or learning disabilities into their programmes. The scheme is underpinned by RDA, drawing on their extensive expertise in this area in order to furnish riding schools with the appropriate skill set and guidance on specialist equipment required.

The Accessibility Mark accreditation is primarily aimed at centres approved by the British Horse Society (BHS), the Association of British Riding School (ABRS) and Pony Club Centres (TPC). Each individual centre’s circumstances, staffing and facilities decide on the level of support the centre is able to offer potential participants and therefore the specific types of disability they are able to accommodate for.

Young Equestrians

Young Equestrians is a project created by Hoof, the British Equestrian Federation’s (BEF) legacy programme, in collaboration with The Pony Club (PCUK). The programme has been developed to deliver social, informal clubs for young people that provide riding and training opportunities through their local riding school.

Delivered through PCUK approved centres, Young Equestrians is predominately aimed at 13-18 year olds allowing more people to connect and re-engage with the sport informally through a social hub on a local level. Thanks to Sport England funding, centres delivering the programme are given the virtual tools to establish a club within their centre providing example session plan ideas, marketing materials and communication tools.

PCUK currently offer riding opportunities to over 45,000 young people across the UK and are successfully recruiting members as young as three. Equestrian sport however, is witnessing a marked decrease in participation in those aged between 13 and 18. Young Equestrians has been designed to provide more choice and freedom within the local riding school allowing participants to ride regularly as well as focus on skill development of their choice.