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There is a massive support team working with athletes selected onto the World Class Programme and Equestrian Team GBR; this 'team behind the team' is vital to ensure continued success of British athletes on the international stage. 

Not only do athletes enjoy the support of their owners, grooms, home teams and personal sponsors, but for those selected onto the World Class Programme they also enjoy the benefit of additional support from human and equine sports practitioners, farriers, veterinary experts and world class coaches, all working towards the overall aim of developing and delivering success on the world stage. 

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Athletes selected to compete for Great Britain at a Championship or Nations Cup competition also enjoy the support of Team GBR official suppliers, from nutritional advice and competition kit to logistical expertise and transportation requirements.

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Underpinning both the World Class Programme and Equestrian Team GBR is the amazing support and funding we enjoy from the National Lottery through UK Sport. The funding we receive via UK Sport enables the Programme to ensure that we are best prepared to support our Olympic and Paralympic athletes fulfil their medal winning potential. 

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"It was absolutely fantastic. I'm not usually tearful but coming in here with all the home crowd is emotional" 

- Mary King, commenting after her dressage test at Greenwich Park during the London 2012 Olympic Games

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The World Class team, based at the British Equestrian Federation, is supported by a number of key consultants and advisor's who provide key support to the Programme and the athletes competing for Great Britain throughout the year. 

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